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For the Aço Cearense Institute, the promotion of collective health is a very relevant area that includes the planning and execution of various actions aimed at improving health, focusing on supporting society.

The Institute’s main actions in this area include:

  • Continuous and humanistic biopsychosocial care for people with cleft lip and palate and craniofacial deformities (at Associação Beija Flor), including medical and dental rehabilitation.
  • The care and reception of children, adolescents, young people and patients with cancer undergoing treatment and their families with the aim of promoting the improvement of quality of life and well-being (in the Lucas Dantas Community Association – ACOLD).

Education educao-iac

Education is considered to be one of the main determinants of economic and social development, and it can reduce crime, reduce the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies, raise awareness about addictions, improve interpersonal communication, among other benefits.

The Institute’s main actions in this area include:

  • Also at Associação Beija Flor, support is aimed at social reintegration in training for the job market through the Semeando o Amanhã program, aimed at young people with cleft lip and palate and craniofacial deformities.
  • Technological inclusion is promoted with professional courses in information technology and video production and editing, preparing young people for the job market. (at the Associação Escola de Campeões).

Sport esporte

Among so many benefits that sport offers to society, the important function of social inclusion stands out. By taking people off the streets and on drugs, he helps fight violence, thereby contributing to ensuring public safety and improving human health.

The Institute’s main actions in this area include:

  • Investment and conducting futsal, swimming and aqua aerobics classes for children, adolescents and young people in social vulnerability and at-risk situations (at Associação Escola de Campeões).


Culture, in its origin, has the meaning of cultivating, that is, passing on to the generations a heritage and an identity, involving language, habits, art, creed, music, laws and morals. It is of great importance because it allows a feeling of belonging to a community, which influences individual behavior.

The Institute’s main actions in this area include:

  • Expansion of the musical and artistic actions developed (at the Lar Beneficente Clara de Assis), which assists children, adolescents, the elderly and pregnant women in the poor community.
  • Investment in conducting music classes, teaching singing and musical instruments, and theater (at Associação Escola de Campeões)
  • Support for carrying out cultural actions for children, adolescents and young people in the teaching of ballet, dance and percussion (at Patronato Sant’ana – Community Hall Fr. Tornatore).

These causes of action allow the Aço Cearense Institute to transform lives through social inclusion.


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